EDUglopedia.org is an open and free global encyclopedia for higher education. It

  • provides access to educational programs and courses around the world,
  • connects people sharing an interest in competences and educational topics, and
  • facilitates sharing and reuse of educational resources.

Benefits for Institutions

  • Promote your programs,
  • Find educators and talents,
  • Benchmark programs and courses, and
  • Support curriculum design and update.

Benefits for Educators

  • Share and reuse resources from the community,
  • Provide your own resources and experience to the community,
  • Promote your personal profile and support your career, and
  • Engage with the global education community.

Benefits for Students

  • Find institutions and programs,
  • Learn about experiences of fellow students,
  • Have a voice and rate programs, courses, and resources, and
  • Access educational resources from global experts.

Benefits for Researchers

  • Have your papers used in classrooms worldwide,
  • Connect with students and find talents,
  • Connect with fellow reseachers,
  • Engage in research seminars, and
  • Find resources for skill enhancement.

Benefits for Industry

  • Find trainers for professional education,
  • Find experts for advisory and consulting,
  • Connect with universities and find graduates, and
  • Promote your company among young talents.


EDUglopedia.org has been developed with the financial support of the University of Liechtenstein. A community effort, each contributor is an important partner in making the movement happen:


EDUglopedia.org has been started in 2015 by Jan vom Brocke in the field of Information Systems. It is fast growing in areas of computer education and management, and it is open to contributions from various disciplines.


Jan vom Brocke, Founder
Stefan Fleischer, Software Developer
Isabel Wohlgenannt, Projekt Management
Markus Weinmann, Projekt Management
Johannes Schneider, Data Analytics