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Learning outcomes

126 – “Information systems and technologies”
Course eligibility Optional
Presence of students On-campus and on-line


Recently greatest need in Ukraine and abroad is just for specialists in computer science and information technology and the need is growing rapidly every year.

As a result of training graduates receive a higher education and a bachelor's degree qualification "Specialist in Information Technology" and a master's degree in the specialty 126 - "Computer Science and Information Technology." There postgraduate and specialized academic council for defense of dissertations for Ph.D.


Students can study for NTB get such certificates:

  • Bachelor "Specialist in Information Technology";
  • Master's degree;
  • Master's degree foreign university (Poland and others. - the "double diploma") in computer specialties;
  • Diploma reserve officer.

Specialty 126 in NTB students preparing for 3-specialties in 3 different departments:

- "Computer Ecological and Economic Monitoring" (Department SAKMIH (previously - MMSS) Faculty of Computer Systems and Automation: (ecology understood as the processing of spatial information economy - as automation of business processes);

- "Information and communication technologies' (AIVT Faculty of Computer Systems and Automation:;

- "Computer Science" (Department CL).

Compulsory readings

Learning process

For specialty "Computer Ecological and Economic Monitoring" will teach students to create local and networked databases and knowledge, web systems, web sites, intelligent software systems, expert systems and decision support systems; work in different operating systems; program in modern languages: C ++, C #, Java, PHP, JavaScript, R, Python; perform analysis and intelligent processing of data (Technology Data Mining, OLAP, etc.) use modern software for working with geographic information system (GIS) and remote sensing data; to program mobile devices (smartphones with GPS, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and others.) perform automated data processing (modeling, analysis, forecasting and data visualization, etc.); work in the system "1C: Enterprise" create their own start-ups and more.

Actively involved students in scientific research, including for a fee. Commissioned by the UN, the European Commission, UNESCO, the OSCE, ministries, regional councils, regional state administrations, city councils and research mouth-new Ukraine teachers graduating department SAKMIH with students of our university made more than 70 scientific research on the creation and implementation of information systems for automated analysis and processing various kinds of data. Teachers completed in the United States more than 20 courses on data analysis and processing, the creation of start-ups, management UAV others.



Graduates of this specialty and specialization tend to bring to their enterprise and institutions that develop or use various kinds of software products; authorities, public and private companies that collect and process large amounts of different, primarily spatial, information, including in the economic sphere; different companies and institutions, groups of startups.

Accommodation and food

NTB has 7 hostels located near densely academic buildings. All students at the campus.

On campus located NTB dining (lunch at reasonable prices) and a health dispensary.


Each student has the opportunity to participate in various cultural events University. Sports fans have a stadium, arena of numerous groups and sections. There are club where contests "What, where, when," "KVN", "Mr. Charm," "Miss NTB" and so on.

Competitions and Olympiads

On the basis of NTB traditionally held:

  • semi-final of the World Programming Contest ACM-ICPC;
  • And second rounds Ukrainian contest of student research papers on areas of computer science, computer engineering and cybernetics;
  • International Competition for the best work on the computer monitoring the environment of Ukraine;
  • Ukrainian Olympiad control and automation, and others.