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Asaba, Delta, United States
Information Systems, Energy and Utilities Law


The department of information technology management is one of the largest of its kind in Europe. Our aspirations are equally grand for our research and for our degree programmes. The department´s research concentrates around research themes which are topical, popular, inter-disciplinary and dynamic in nature. Currently ITM focus on social business, open big data, the cashless society, internet of things, and IT in mergers and acquisitions

Bachelor Programs

BSc (IT.) focuses on the impact of technology on business. Businesses today are highly influenced by technological developments. Therefore the aim of the training that you learn how to implement IT systems can affect and improve a company's way of doing business. At the same time, we believe that the company's IT staff and other departments and employees depend on each other - and therefore need to understand each other. Personnel Department is, for example have to use a number of IT systems to create an overview of the employees. And the IT department must know the economics department's tasks to develop the right IT solutions.

At BSc (IT.), You develop the ability to understand a company from IT, economic and human aspects. You also get tools to develop, select, implement and manage the use of IT systems that target the specific needs

Master Programs

At the MSc in Business Administration and Information Systems you learn how to use information and information technology to add value to companies and organisations. You gain an understanding of how IT affects the organisational structure and financial results of a company – and how the organisational needs and economic reality creates possibilities and constraints on the IT architecture.

E-business focuses on the opportunities that IT can provide when private and public organisations interact with their costumers, clients or stakeholders. You will learn to understand and develop IT-based concepts that match the needs of the users, but also how to implement and commercialize them. This allows you to create services, apps and other solutions that support the strategy and desired goal for both companies and society at large.

Other Programs

The BA IM teaches you how companies work with data and information in a digitalised age. You will develop an understanding of digitalisation and knowledge creation in a business context - and learn how to develop and implement modern information solutions.

In the ever-changing, digitally connected business world, companies need tools and capabilities to understand and process enormous amounts of digital information. Data must be gathered and analysed in a structured way in order to create knowledge that can be used to reduce risks and take calculated business decisions.

For companies the digital challenge lies not in gathering information as such but in interpreting and making sense of it. Successful businesses need not only to have the right information platforms but also to understand the different forms of digital information available in order to integrate effective knowledge sharing as an important part of how companies operate, learn and innovate.

The structure of the BA in Information Management reflects the different areas you have to understand and the different ways you need to combine these areas in order to help companies adapt to the constantly changing digital challenges.

You will develop a wide range of competencies within organisation theory, information science and communication studies that will help you understand how companies can and must adapt to a wide range of existing as well as developing information platforms covering everything from large, formal information and communications systems to social media. And you will learn how different types of information needs affect how the company has to plan and develop its communication strategies both internally and externally.


Business Administration and Information Systems


The key ambition in this course is to bring awareness of the business potential of  robots and how managers can respond to robot armada (industry robots, social robots, and service robots)  introduced in the business landscape. 


Pursuing these objectives, we are exploring  productivity gains and how to capitalize on these, and  scope and scale of the use of the robots. We are using Danish and international real-world cases where robots already are being deployed. 


The course gives the students insight in how robots help  automate and qualify operations and replace manual work in a variety of the fields within the service and industry sectors.


The course have a number of guest lectures from companies using robots in their   business operation today. Also, companies selling robots are presenting in the class. 
The cases presented include the foodvand restaurant business, health and come care, and the educational sector, where automation and robots are rapidly being introduced.


The management perspective is taking it’s point of departure in two distinct views on management: Peter Drucker’s  and Rob Austin’s.  60 years ago, Drucker coined the concept of management by objectives arguing that management and employees need to understand what they need to do in order to achieve them. Moving beyond the industrial age management thinking,  Austin outlines four building bricks in the artfull making and the management of innovation: release, collaboration, ensemble, and play.



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