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AIS Global IS Education Report 2019/20

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For the fourth time, the AIS Global IS Education Report presents a global overview of educational offerings in the field of Information Systems. This field studies the design, use, and impact of information systems in organizations, which are often enabled by Internet-based services. With growing Internet access and use, increasing numbers of objects in our everyday lives are connected to the Internet - objects that not only cap-ture and exchange information but that also facilitate efficient, sustainable, and enjoya-ble user experiences. For professionals, competencies in information-systems design and use are keys to success. While many white-collar jobs are expected to vanish be-cause of automation and fundamental changes in how we work, the competencies de-veloped by information systems education will be increasingly in demand. The academic discipline of information systems has developed an impressive collection of educational programs and resources from around the world. The Association for In-formation Systems (AIS), a global community of information-systems academics, has collected and connected such offerings via the Internet platform Today, more than 580 institutions in 67 countries have been registered, with fifty new institutions added compared to the 3rd edition. The data in this Global Information Sys-tems Education Report is based on entries to the platform these institutions provided (as of February 10, 2020), consisting of more than 3,227 courses from more than 1026 programs. The collection will be updated continually via the platform throughout the year, so readers are advised to also refer to the online version of in order to check out for updates and new entries. The report provides statistics on many kinds of offerings and guidance on where and how to acquire competencies in a variety of areas in information systems and covers all global regions and offerings at the bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. levels. This report is an effort to bring together the global IS educational offerings in the field of information systems, so we encourage readers to look at the individual institutions’ online profiles, which are updated throughout the year, for additional details and information. We thank everyone who has helped to make this report possible, but particularly Stefan Fleischer, Michael Gau and Marina Hagen-Canaval. We are grateful for the extraordinary support of the information systems community. We hope you will enjoy reading the report and will find it useful. We look forward to hearing your feedback! Vaduz, Liechtenstein│Singapore│ Waltham, Massachusetts, USA│Rotterdam, Nether-lands Jan vom Brocke│Bernard C.Y. Tan│Heikki Topi│Markus Weinmann

Recommended use for teaching

This report gives an overview of IS Education programs around the world. You can use it e.g. to

- analyse IS educational programs

- design your own programs

- benchmark your programs

- present the IS discipline in class.