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We are honored to represent the local Panama ABPMP chapter. Its founding members have led hundreds of business processes automation initiatives during the past 18 years, in more than 20 countries. Having witnessed firsthand the tremendous growth and importance for business success that BPM has had over last decade (Gartner estimated in 2012 the USD 2.6 billion BPM market size to grow to up to USD 7 billion until 2018), we firmly believe that a common body of knowledge that encompasses BPM as a vendor independent methodology is not only needed to enhance the punctual outcome of such a project but is in fact fundamental to allow for continued business process improvements in the first place. This importance is only enhanced by the existence of a strong and recurring pattern of how BPM solutions have been implemented and how its impact is being measured.

When introducing new users to BPM as a methodology and BPMS as a technology, we often are stressing the importance to differentiate between project management and business process management in order to achieve successful process implementations, continuously. In order to execute successful and linear BPM projects continuously, hence to achieve continued and cyclical business process improvements, a unifying guideline such as the ABPMP’s CBOK that covers all the intervening aspects, from the methodology to the organization and applied technologies, is required.

In that sense we are thrilled to not only share the tried and proven ABPMP accumulative knowledge in our region, with the mission to enhance regional BPM project results and to alleviate the practical application of the CBOK in real life scenarios, but to also actively contribute with the learning curves and experiences of our local members to further enhance that common body of knowledge.



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