Lecture | Information Systems

Analysis and development of Information systems


This course provides students with knowledge on the development of Information Systems in business organizations, which today operates in a global environment and face with the development of new technologies. Concepts taught in this course provide students with the knowledge of how to analyze information systems to succeed as future analysts in the field of information systems which are viewed from the persceptive of business needs. Throughout the content of this course the system analyst occupies an important part in the group of actors that participate in the development of information systems. This course focuses on system analysis fundamentals, information requirements analysis, the analysis process, the essentials of design, quality assurance and implementation of information systems. 

Learning outcomes

This course aims to introduce students with the basic principles of information systems development and aims to give them the experience of developing a computer based information system in a team. Specially it:

  • introduces students with the traditional practices for specification, design, implementation, testing and operation of information systems,
  • provides a framework for more detailed aspects of the design that is taught in other courses too,
  • involves students in developing a model project, which if it is possible, try to familiarize and train students to work in terms of development projects in the real industry.    
Number of credit hours per week 3
Course eligibility Compulsory
Presence of students On-campus