The students are assumed to know and be able to apply the concepts and methods taught in the compulsory courses. The experience gained in the internship can be helpful when writing the bachelor thesis. The approved internship offers students the chance to gain practical experience during their study. The core area of the internship shall be Information Systems, Quantitative Methods, Computer Science or Business Administration. After the internship, the participants have to write a report of about 20 pages documenting how they solved the practical problem which was assigned to them. In addition, they have to present their solution in a talk of about 1 hour using contemporary presentation tools (such as e.g. Powerpoint). The subject of the internship has to be confirmed by the tutor before the internship begins.

Learning outcomes

Academic: The students gain experience w.r.t. the practical application of the concepts and methods learned in their study. They learn to align theoretical approaches and practical experience. Soft skills: The students learn to write scientific texts and present their contents orally using contemporary presentation tools (such as e.g. Powerpoint). The required skills such as (among others) media competence, time management, rhetoric, and presentation technique are conveyed in a private discussion with a tutor.
Total number of credit hours 270
Course eligibility Compulsory