The program is located at the intersection between business administration and informatics. Thus, it qualifies students to work in all kinds of areas ranging from business administration over consulting to programming. As a result, the chances on the job market are above average. Students develop the abilities to analyse business processes, organizational structures, and new developments from a technical and a business perspective. In addition, students learn to apply methods for evaluating IT investments and for planning IT projects. Among others, students are employed by companies from the software-, automotive- and media industry, in IT-controlling, in financial institutions or in consulting companies.

The bachelor programm consists of three pillars:

  1. Informatics and mathematics
  2. Information systems
  3. Business administration, economics, and law

4/3 principle

In addition to a sound education in law and business sciences, which corresponds to 2/3 of a regular program in business administration, our students complete 2/3 of a program in informatics. This results in the successful 4/3 principle from Darmstadt, which stands for a very challenging and interdisciplinary program.


  • 4/3 principle
  • interdisciplinary approach
  • very good employment opportunities
Schedule Full-time
Duration 3 Years
Presence of students On-campus and on-line
Scholarships available No




In this course students get an overview of the basics of Software Business & Information Management. The contents include:


  • Basics of information systems (tasks and targets of information systems)
  • Technical aspects (hard- and software, information and digital goods, packaged software vs. custom software, network and data management)
  • Organisation of IT in companies (organisation of Information Management, Outsourcing and Offshoring, Cloud Computing, Standardization and the Standardization Problem)
  • IT investment decisions
  • Information as a “resource” for decision making




In this lab, students work in a team in cooperation with industry partners on a software project. The aims of this lab are

  • to experience the autonomous implementation of a software project under practice-oriented conditions,
  • to train the use of modern development methods and tools,
  • to fulfill various tasks within the project team,
  • to get soft skills in dealing with clients and with other team members.




Overall ratings for Bachelor in Information Systems