The Bachelor's programme Information Systems equips graduates with the required

competence and qualifications to take on a career at the interface between business

management and computer science. The ability to assist in commercial information

technology projects serves as a model. The degree delivers the fundamentals for the

business world and a wide spectrum of specialised knowledge. The graduates can

successfully apply scientific expertise and problem-solving concepts. The programme

enables the graduates to develop new fields in commercial information management

and to undertake further training independently.

Information systems graduates deal with the design, development, selection and

application of computer-aided information systems in companies and administrative


They use application-oriented computer science (i.e. knowledge of hardware,

software and methods) in approaching business problems. As computer science is

subject to very rapid technological change, priority is given to delivering

methodological skills, and practical examples are constantly adapted to reflect

current trends.

The programme equips graduates with the competence and qualifications needed to

undertake tasks in companies at the interface between the specialist (business

administration) and IT (computer science) departments.

- They acquire the fundamental skills required in business practice as well as a

wide array of expertise in the relevant fields of business administration, software

technology, application systems and computer science.

- They are able to apply scientific knowledge and problem-solving concepts

successfully in practice.

- They develop the ability to judge and the competence to critically reflect on

scientific and occupational practice.

- They are able to undertake further training autonomously in order to access new and

prospective areas of computer science independently.


  • small student groups
  • intensive student and lecturer contact
  • strong practical approach
Schedule Full-time
Duration 3 Years
Presence of students On-campus
Tuition and fees per year 600.00 EUR
Scholarships available No


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