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Bachelor of Business Science

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The degree of Bachelor of Business Science is a four-year professional undergraduate degree at NQF Level 8 designed for students who plan to make a career in a business enterprise or other organisation. A BBusSc graduate is eligible to apply for a Master’s Degree because the degree is awarded at the same level as an Honours degree. The degree programme is not a substitute for practical business experience but rather the opportunity for: (i) a liberal education involving at, the same time, some understanding of scientific method; (ii) a study of the structure and working of the business world including the economic and human problems which arise in business and other organisations; (iii) an inter-disciplinary study of Economics, Accounting, Mathematics, Sociology and Psychology which concentrates on the application of appropriate concepts and techniques towards the understanding, analysis and solution of problems in business management; (iv) a study of the scientific approach to management problems and use of current quantitative and computer techniques in those areas in business management formerly considered to be largely matters of opinion and judgement; (v) specialising in one of ten specialisations in management.
Duration 4 Years
Scholarships available No


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