The department of ISOM has a broad range of courses to allow a student studying either a BCom degree or a Conjoint degree to select a range of courses that reflect their interests.  Our courses range from Information Systems construction through to the study of emerging technologies. 



  • Wide arrays of Management Information Systems to Business Management courses
  • Specialization to focus on from second and final year
  • Theoretical and practical exposure to meet the industry demand
  • Supply Chain and Operations Management skills to acquire
  • Big data and analytic programmes


Operations and Supply Chain Management
Focus on the understanding and integrating business processes within and between organisations. Studying Operations and Supply Chain Management will enable you to solve complex business problems related to the journey of products and services from the manufacturer or provider to the end customer.
Information Systems
Focus on how information and communications technology can be used to achieve strategic goals. The discipline of IS deals with how information and communications technology can be used to achieve strategic goals. The focus is on developing and using cutting-edge products to solve important organisational problems. With a global shortage of skilled people in information and communication technology, the salaries for our graduates are amongst the highest of any of the professions.
Information Managemnt
Focus to bridge the gap between IT and the core business functions. The emphasis is on developing and using cutting edge information and communication technologies to support business activities. Develop your skills in the management of data. Learn how to apply information technology to various areas of business. Build practical experience in web and mobile application implementation for businesses. Gain knowledge of the application of information systems.
Schedule Part-time and full-time
Duration 3 Years
Presence of students On-campus
Scholarships available Yes


Overall ratings for Bachelor of Commerce


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Lesley's area of research interest covers several areas: Social Media, E-learning Innovation, Hypermedia and heritage data handling. Her doctoral research focused on the field of hypertext and software development. She has since explored the application of hypermedia, e-learning support and innovation through many vehicles.  She has also researches and supports postgraduate students in many areas associated with social media and education.
Current research at the Department of Information Systems and Operations Management at the University of Auckland, focuses on the analysis of social media trends and the modelling of multimedia heritage data sources to create robust data models and management tools.