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Bachelor of Commerce / Complementary Option in Business Analytics

Information Systems


Analytics is about transforming data into evidence-based action.  Most companies are awash in data but have limited expertise on using these data to their best advantage.  The need for Business Analytics occurs across all areas of business from Finance to Marketing to Human Resource Management and is only going to grow as companies undergo a digital transformation.  

Accordingly, the growth in the demand for specialists in Business Analytics, Data Sciences, Data Engineers is close to exponential. In order to meet market demands and prepare specialists  in Business Analytics from different business backgrounds, our option allows students to take the Business Analytics option along with any of our other options (Finance, marketing, organizational behaviour, etc.) so as to get the necessary foundation in a field that is growing increasingly important.

Cotre topics covered by our Business Analytics courses:

  • Introduction to descriptive analytics
  • Introduction to prescriptive analytics
  • Introduction to predictive analytics
  • Simulation
  • Optimization
  • Forecasting
  • Application of Business Analytics in the student's chosen field (e.g., marketing, human resources, finance, organizational behaviour, etc.)


  • Option allows students to take the Business Analytics along with any other options within our B.Comm (Finance, marketing, organizational behaviour, etc.)
  • Skills development in descriptive, prescriptive and predictive analytics
  • Understanding of Business Analytics' capabilities across all areas of business
Scholarships available No


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