Bachelor | Information Systems

Bachelor of Information Systems

Information Systems


Bachelor program focusing in Information Systems fields. Main themes covered by the program: System Analysis, Software Development, Information Security, Project Manajement, IT Govermence and Services, IS Audit, and Data Analysis.

S1 Study Program Information system UNAIR aims to produce graduates who have profiles a) Information Systems Solutions Developer, b) Information Systems Business Enabler, c) Information Systems Implementation Manager; and d) Communicator. 

The description of each profile is as follows:

• Information Systems Solutions Provider: A graduate of Information Systems must be able to provide an effective and comprehensive information system solution to the organization to achieve its objectives.

• Information Systems Implementation Manager: Graduates of SI must be able to manage the application of information systems within the organization. Both operational and project.

• Information Systems Business Enabler: SI graduates must be able to identify business opportunities by utilizing information technology, as well as being able to develop process improvement solutions for organizational business optimization.

• Communicator: Graduates must be able to communicate effectively, both oral and written.



  • Journal of Information Systems Engineering and Business Intelligence
  • Certificate of Competence by Indonesian Professional Certification Authority
  • Excellent Information Systems With Morality
Schedule Full-time
Duration 4 Years
Presence of students On-campus
Enrollment capacity per term 60
Scholarships available Yes


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