Bamberg University

Bamberg, Germany


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With a population of about 70,000, Bamberg is a comfortably sized community in which you will quickly feel at home. It is a city that both preserves tradition – since 1993, the historic old city has been a UNESCO World Heritage site – and embraces modern life – as the city’s many sculptures, including by noted modern artists Botero and Lüpertz, demonstrate.

Adding to the city’s appeal are Bamberg’s location in the Regnitz river valley, its seven hills, Hain Park and its unique swimming facility on the river, and its close proximity to the famous Franconian Switzerland tourist areas and Steigerwald nature park.

The University of Bamberg is one of Bavaria’s oldest, founded in 1647 and today with several locations in the area, many in the city center. In Autumn 2012, the university expanded to Erba Island, in the north of Bamberg between the Regnitz and the Main-Danube Canal, where today a new building houses the Faculty of Information Systems and Applied Computer Sciences. Inspiring environs surround this new university building: a park that hosted the Bavarian State Garden Show in Summer 2012. The park, which affords students and faculty opportunities for outdoor relaxation, is also open to the public.



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