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BBA - Global Business Systems Management (GBSM)

Information Systems


There is an increasing number of multi-national companies are using Hong Kong as a springboard and a regional hub to support their investments in China and the Asia-Pacific region. This has created a great demand for global business professionals trained in Hong Kong to analyze and manage such cross-country ventures. This major is the best choice if you want to become a global business professional, e.g. business manager or business analyst in a global venture or investment firm.

Aiming to nurture global business professionals, the GBSM major provides students with two overseas exchange opportunities in one academic year, one in Europe, North America or Australia, and another in Asia/ the Greater China Region.

Graduates can find jobs as global business managers, global technology business investors or business project managers in global investment firms or multinational corporations.


  • two overseas exchange opportunities
  • global business management training
  • integrate digital and traditional offline businesses
Schedule Full-time
Duration 4 Years
Presence of students On-campus
Scholarships available Yes



This course will equip students with in-depth knowledge of global Technology Business (TechBiz) ventures, including business models, innovations with disruptive information technologies, business plans, intellectual property management, and execution of business models to the success.  Global TechBiz ventures (e.g. Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, Facebook, Google etc.) in Hong Kong and the mainland China will be the main focus of this course, they usually make use of disruptive information technologies, e.g. social, mobile, big data analytics and cloud services, for business innovations and can create great wealth for investors and the society. 


Course aims:

1. Provide knowledge about innovation and technology entrepreneurship;

2. Explain the skills necessary to start a new business;

3. Develop skills to identify business opportunities, gather resources such as talent and capital, and manage growth and technology risks for technology-intensive businesses competing online and offline, in new markets, and in entering potential markets;

4. Further students’ skills in effective communication, individual and team work, time management, data analysis and reporting, and creative problem solving.



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