Bachelor | Information Systems

BBA - Information Management (IFMG)

Information Systems


This major aims to develop students with the professional knowledge and skills required in information management for the financial services.  These includes three study streams:

I. Business Intelligence

Skillset equipped: business intelligence, big data analytics, and financial service management.

II. Information Systems Auditing 

 Skillset equipped: IT auditing, risk and compliance management, cloud service with big data analytics, and social      network analytics. 

III. Internet Services and Social Networks

Skillset equipped: “Internet+” services (e.g., O2O services, social media and social network analytics, mobile applications, cloud services and big data analytics services).

Graduates can be engaged in positions in the financial services industry such as banking, accounting, insurance, or financial departments of large organizations.  they can become data analysts, business analysts, systems analysts, or e-business specialists paving the way for promotion to management roles.


  • Business Intelligence
  • Internet Services & Social Networks
  • Information Systems Auditing


IFMG - Business Intelligence Stream
Financial services companies in Hong Kong face major challenges in managing big data. This stream offers business intelligence and analytics techniques for improving efficiency and transforming data into useful information, that helps businesses to make wise decisions.
IFMG - Information Systems Auditing Stream
To reduce risks and to maintain sustainable growth, business firms are applying the methods and principles of information systems auditing and information management for governance.
IFMG - Internet Services and Social Networks Stream
Mobile and Internet services on the cloud are widely accepted ways of increasing work efficiency and improving customer satisfaction in local business firms. Social media and social networks are growing in popularity and have changed the way we do business. The Internet Services and Social Networks stream equips students with knowledge and skills to be successful in the knowledge society.
Schedule Full-time
Duration 4 Years
Presence of students On-campus
Tuition and fees per year 42100.00 HKD
Scholarships available Yes



This course aims to

  • Critically evaluate how information technology (IT) influences traditional business functions e.g., sales, accounting, finance, management, services, etc. and the use of IT by governments, people, and companies;
  • Apply IT to improve business processes such as Banking and Finance, Sales Order Processing, Marketing, Accounting, and so on. 

This course aims to:

  • Convey the basics of systems analysis and design and how businesses use information systems to support their business processes;
  • Provide knowledge and skills about the methods of analyzing and designing systems tailored to business requirements;
  • Familiarize students with modelling techniques and the design of solutions for information system using Unified Modelling Language (UML)


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