Modern organizations cannot function without information and the technology with which they gather, store, compute and make available the information. The successful application of technology is, however, more than just writing computer programs. Computer programs are important, but an understanding of the business within which the organization functions and an understanding of the use of information and information technology to support the objectives of the organization, are far more important. Informatics is a multi-disciplinary subject, where information, Information Systems, and the integration thereof into the organization, are studied for the benefit of the entire system (individual, organization and community).


  • ABET accreditation
  • Highly employable
  • Sound business knowledge
  • Fully developed project for outside client


Our teaching programmes prepare students to become information systems professionals who are ready to enter the world of work and to function in the multinational and global context of today's information-dependent organisations. Our curriculum is aimed at establishing three basic abilities: the ability to think independently, the ability to integrate knowledge and relevant facts, and the ability to act as a knowledgeable partner of clients outside the domain of computers.
Schedule Full-time
Duration 3 Years
Presence of students On-campus
Enrollment capacity per term 100
Average number of applications per term 80
Total number of enrolled students 500
Tuition and fees per year 30000.00 ZAR
Scholarships available No


Overall ratings for BCom(Informatics)