E-Commerce, Social Media, M-Commerce – Business models that are carried out via electronic and mobile channels all have one in common: They need to be used. If they are not used, they disappear into nirvana and all the investments with them. Thus, usage is a necessary precondition for all e-Business activities. Under consideration of IT adoption theories, social psychological basements and statistical methods that are commonly applied within this context, it is elaborated which factors explicitly enable usage and which inhibit it. Basing on this methodological and theoretical basement behavioral phenomena such as technostress, Social Media addiction, social inclusion though information and communication technologies (ICT), or reactions on privacy threats are discussed, analyzed and evaluated.

Learning outcomes

  • Understanding and delineating basic terms in e-Business
  • The ability to independently and scietifically analyze behavioral implications of e-Business technologies
  • Understanding of basic features of IT adoption theory