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The Henry W. Bloch School of Management has been a leader in graduate business education in the Kansas City area for more than 50 years.   Our programs in all areas continually adapt to meet the changing needs of our growing student population. Students hone skills to become innovative thinkers with an entrepreneurial spirit, whether they work for corporations or start their own business. Henry W. Bloch is the co-founder of tax empire H&R Block and considered to be one of the world's greatest entrepreneurs. He is not only the Bloch School benefactor, but also the role model for what we teach: He embodies the philosophy of working hard, generating wealth and success, and completing the continuum by giving back to the community through philanthropy and social entrepreneurship.  The school opened a new building funded by the Bloch family in 2013.

Master Programs

All of our MBA programs provide a rigorous foundation in business fundamentals. In addition, the Bloch School is known for its faculty expertise in the areas of innovation and entrepreneurship. The Bloch School has strong ties to the business communities in Kansas City and beyond.


Professional Master of Business Administration (MBA)


How to develop data storage requirements and design a database to store structured data for transaction processing and analytical processing. We will learn how to design queries to retrieve data and create reports. We also cover issues in data base administration in support of both transaction processing and analytical processing. We will do some small projects in order to make the concepts concrete.


This course trains the future CIO. How do you set priorities? How does a well-run firm govern IT decisions? How do we source hardware, software, and IT services? How do we manage relationships with vendors? How do we fund IT? What to do about legacy systems? How to manage our intellectual property? How to decide on an appropriate information technology architecture? These issues will be covered via lectures and case studies.



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