Our Bachelor's degree programm in Business Informatics provides an engineering driven approach on information systems. Accordingly, the course of studies in business informatics is divided into common compulsory and elective modules for business informatics along with theoretical, practical, applied, and technical computer science as well as business administration, with lectures on organization and personnel, marketing, start-up and innovation management, taxes or auditing.

The course of studies is also distinguished by its technical orientation as well as small learning groups. The extensive offer of elective modules allows an individual specialization for later professional activity already during early phases of the Bachelor program. During an eight-week internship students gain practical experience.


  • Business Informatics
  • Information Systems
  • CIO
  • Management
  • Computer Science


Current Topics in Business Informatics and Digital Government
A major with research projects on one of the following topics is offered: business process management, application systems in industry and commerce, risk communication and critical infrastructures, knowledge management, general system theory, ERP systems.
IT Strategy and IT Business Value
The importance of IT deployment in the company is undergoing rapid change. While IT has so far primarily been used for business purposes in the mass of companies and organizations, digitalization means that the core business is influenced at a strategic level. IT Strategy and IT Business Value are thus relevant at the level of company management. Against this background, the aim of the major is to enable students to analyze the value of information and information processing and thus the (potential) value contribution of IT to the company's / company's strategic objectives and formulate a corresponding IT strategy. The role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) is also examined and questioned - does the modern company need a head of IT, Chief Process Officer, Chief Digital Officer? Other topics include business (process) reengineering, value chain change, IT security and digitalization strategies for traditional enterprises and organizations. Finally, the effect of digitalization above the enterprise level is conveyed and the upcoming change of sectors and economies is discussed.
Social Media Research
Topics will be addressed with regard to current research areas in business informatics, in particular in the area of: research methods of business informatics, social media and user behavior, the Internet and the impact on society.
Schedule Full-time
Duration 3 Years
Presence of students On-campus
Scholarships available No


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