The Bachelor of Science in Management and Information Systems (BS_MIS) degree enables students the opportunity to strengthen current technology, business, and management skills, as well as broaden their understanding of information technology industry trends. The curriculum stresses business knowledge and real world application of knowledge and skills by covering key concepts of information systems and technologies, organizational management, interpersonal and organizational communications, and project management.

The three-year course program aims to provide training in the two overlapping areas of management of organizations and information systems and technologies. The students will obtain a solid foundation in social sciences and organizational theory. Furthermore, acknowledging the importance of IST for organizations, the training is complemented with information systems and technology knowledge which enables students to use, manage and implement such tools to solve real problems and/or create new opportunities in organizations. The course ends with a Project, which is developed within an enterprise context, enabling students to have an early approach to the labour market.



  • Combined preparation on Business, IT and Management
  • Partnerships with consultancy and enterprise management software companies
  • Balance in the development of technical and soft skills
  • Curricular Internship (training placement in a company)
  • Opportunities for Workshops and International Projects participation
Schedule Full-time
Duration 3 Years
Presence of students On-campus
Scholarships available No


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