Burkhardt Funk is a professor for information systems at Leuphana University and has recently served as the Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Leuphana. His research interests encompass building statistical models and decision support systems, based on methods from machine learning and data mining, in a variety of application domains such as e-Mental-Health and e-Commerce. He has been and is involved in various third party funded researches projects. His recent book focusses on “Machine Learning for the Quantified Self”. Burkhardt has been one of the driving forces behind the Master program in Data Science. He was a visiting scholar at Stanford University and the University of Virginia at Charlottesville.

Besides his academic career he has a wealth of practical experience. As a senior consultant with McKinsey & Company he was engaged in Technology and e-Commerce projects. To bridge the gap between research and entrepreneurial activities is an important driver of his work. Hence, he has been involved in several start-ups as a co-founder and advisory board member. Born at the Baltic Sea in Kiel, he loves to sail with his wife and his two daughters and to engage in match races with his sailing yacht.