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Business Information Systems

Information Systems


Business Informatics at HRW includes the basics in informatics and databases, software technology and programming languages, IT project management, business process management / modelling and service management, as well as networks and data integrity. Students gain insights into general business administration, as well as business financing, law, production, logistics and marketing. Also part of the curriculum are the key job qualifications of rhetoric, presentation techniques, company management and human resources management.

Focus areas are Global Information and Knowledge Management, IT Entrpreneurship and E-Health


  • student teacher ratio
  • employability
  • excellent company relations


IT Entrepreneurship
Global Information Technology Management
Schedule Part-time and full-time
Duration 4 Years
Presence of students On-campus
Enrollment capacity per term 60
Tuition and fees per year 600.00 €
Scholarships available No


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Research and Teaching in Business Information Systems (Wirtschaftsinformatik), in particular Global Information Systems for knowledge intensive processes. Specializing in Process Management, Knowledge Management and E-Learning in the global context.

Specialties: Research led projects in the global context. State of the art research in global teamwork and ICT support for globally distrubted organisations.