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Business Information Systems - Data Science

Information Systems


In the age of Big Data, data analysis is becoming increasingly important in business and society. It is becoming more and more important to collect the immense amount of data in the most targeted way possible. This data must be organized, evaluated and visualized in a meaningful way using various methods and the resulting findings must be integrated into the company context and business processes. Artificial intelligence is essentially dependent on appropriate data bases.

In the field of study Data Science, the focus is therefore on the handling and interpretation of large amounts of data. In addition to the management of information, the derivation of recommendations for action for companies also plays an important role. Exemplary questions are: How can methods of Artificial Intelligence support business processes in companies? How can business models of companies be further developed?

In addition to the contents of Business Informatics, students initially deal with the basics of Data Science and Big Data. More in-depth studies are offered by modules such as Data Analysis and Machine Learning as well as the classification of current developments in the field - including, for example, Digital Transformation and data-driven business models.


Schedule Full-time
Duration 3 Years
Presence of students On-campus
Enrollment capacity per term 30
Scholarships available Yes


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