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Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States
Information Systems


The Western Michigan University Department of Business Information Systems offers undergraduate majors in business analytics, computer information systems, cybersecurity and digital marketing and eCommerce. In addition to these majors, the department offers minors in business analytics and computer information systems, and houses the business communication program, which offers two courses:

  • BCM 3700—Integrated Communication in Business, required of all business students
  • BCM 4540—Intercultural Business Communication


  • Business analytics
  • Computer information systems
  • Cybersecurity (Bachelor of Science, online)
  • Digital marketing and eCommerce


Business Analytics

The business analytics minor equips students with the analytical skills needed in a data-driven business setting. This is a growing field with direct relevance to activities in many business disciplines.

Possible professional activities:

  • Data mining
  • Knowledge management
  • Predictive analytics

Computer Information Systems

The computer information systems minor instills practical skills required to succeed in today’s rapidly changing world of information technology and gives students broad and thorough business knowledge and information technology skills for a career in the IT profession.

Possible professional activities:

  • Web application development
  • Systems analysis and design
  • Database administration and management

Bachelor Programs

With a business analytics major from Western Michigan University’s Haworth College of Business, you will play an increasingly important role as organizations seriously examine data. In order to deliver exceptional business performance, it is crucial that businesses actively analyze internal and external data to drive their decisions. Opportunities abound for tech savvy business people who know how to deal intelligently with data.

The business analytics major prepares students to succeed in a data-driven world, providing exposure to software platforms and techniques used to store, transform, manipulate, analyze and interpret small and large sets of data.

The computer and software industry is rapidly growing, and a computer information systems major from Western Michigan University’s Haworth College of Business will provide you with a strong foundation in business principles, as well as extensive training in information technology—a winning combination that employers seek.

To succeed in this ever-evolving world, our program will instill practical skills to give you the broad and thorough business and technology knowledge you need for a successful career in the IT profession. Some of the many career opportunities include web and mobile application development, IT security, business analytics, database administration, customer relationship management and more.

In this rapidly changing digital marketplace, an electronic business marketing major from Western Michigan University will give you the skills needed to prepare you for a career in e-commerce, digital marketing, mobile marketing, social media, and Web and mobile application development.

Created in response to significant industry and student demand, our program uniquely combines business, marketing and technical aspects of electronic commerce, providing you tremendous advantages in the employment arena. Through this major, you’ll have the opportunity to select either an information systems or marketing track, setting you on a path to success.

The bachelor's degree in Cybersecurity allows you to build your cybersecurity knowledge and skills through interactive course content and projects. This interdisciplinary program leverages the strength of the Haworth College of Business and the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, giving you twice the resources in terms of career events and services, student, and professional organizations, and more.

The program contains both practical applications and underlying foundations of the discipline of Cybersecurity. There is no minor required for this major.

All courses are offered online.

Master Programs

The master's degree in cybersecurity requires completion of 30 credit hours and helps you take your career to the next level. Advanced application of cybersecurity principles and concepts, derived from real threats, ready you to be the leader your organization needs to protect its data. You will build and enhance your technical skills in cybersecurity while also exploring skill sets in communication, project management, and collaboration that senior leaders need.

Courses for the cybersecurity master’s program are offered online or in-person, giving you the ability to learn in the setting that suits you best—choose fully online without scheduled class meetings (asynchronous), or a new flexible option to attend either online or in-person at a set time each week (synchronous).

All courses are offered online and in-person within an accelerated 7.5-week-long format.

Other Programs

The graduate certificate in cybersecurity requires 15 credit hours and offers two tracks: cybersecurity management or secure software and engineering. Customize your program based on the track that will best accelerate your career.

All courses are offered online and in-person within an accelerated 7.5-week-long format.


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