Lecture | Information Systems

Business Intelligence: Management Information Systems and Data Warehousing


Background and relations to other courses: Business Intelligence (BI) refers to a variety of methods and techniques for the analysis of business data such as data warehousing (DWH), reporting, Online Analytical Processing (OLAP), and data mining. This course addresses the methodical design and implementation of data warehouse systems in support of management’s decision making, particularly via appropriate use of multidimensional schema design, ETL, and OLAP techniques. All relevant concepts are demonstrated from both a theoretical and a practical perspective. In this course, traditional lectures are complemented by student presentations that provide additional content. In addition, exercises and case studies provide ample opportunities to perform the various development phases in realistic and practical settings. Main topics and learning objectives: Students will be able to explain the problems, issues, solutions, techniques, tools, and applications relating to BI and DWH. They will be able not only to design and implement ETL processes and OLAP solutions but also to discuss

Learning outcomes

Academic: To understand and to be able to apply the addressed topics Soft skills: To manage and to organize group work regarding given tasks and presentations