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Business Process Management - Driving Innovation in a Digital World

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Joachim Gantner, Director IT Services, Swarovski AG The ideas presented in this book have helped us a lot while implementing process innovations in our global Logistics Service Center. About: In recent decades, BPM has proven extremely successful in managing both continuous and radical improvements in many sectors and business areas. While the digital age brings tremendous new opportunities, it also brings the specific challenge of correctly positioning and scoping BPM in organizations. This book shows how to leverage BPM to drive business innovation in the digital age. It brings together the views of the world’s leading experts on BPM and also presents a number of practical cases. It addresses mangers as well as academics who share an interest in digital innovation and business process management. The book covers topics such as BPM and big data, BPM and the Internet of Things, and BPM and social media. While these technological and methodological aspects are key to BPM, process experts are also aware that further nontechnical organizational capabilities are required for successful innovation.

Recommended use for teaching

Essentially, I use this book in two areas: 1) Digital innovation and transformation. The book shows how innovation and transformation can be managed and how innovation and transformation capabilities can be built. It draws from well established knowledge from Business Process Management wich is applied to digital innovation and transformation management. 2) Business Process Management The book shows how Business Process Management can support digital innovation. While most contributions in BPM are focussed on exploitation of existing processes, such as Six Sigma and Lean Management, this book ist the first to present methods and capabilities of BPM to support exploration, such as business model innovation. Also, I use it in Business Process Management courses to extend the scope of BPM to