Information Systems

Business Processes and Artificial Intelligence


From the perspective of Business Processes (BP) being the nerve system of a business, all organisations are affected by and dependent on BPs, their design and digitalisation. Most of today’s managerial work requires knowledge and toolsets to manage BPs and business decisions to be supported by and automated through Artificial Intelligence (AI). Moreover, to get real business value from AI, businesses must focus their efforts in AI on improving business decisions.

This course aims to provide an insight into designing the Business Processes, business decisions and Artificial Intelligence that are building today’s businesses.

On completion of the course, students shall have a thorough understanding of how BPs, business decisions and AI shape today’s businesses and their design. Students shall be able to identify problems that can be solved by, or decisions that can be made or supported by AI in a business process and be able to implement solutions to aid the aforementioned.

The course focuses on the challenges that digitalisation in terms of Business Processes and Artificial Intelligence poses in the modern organisation. To properly manage BPs and business decisions, both managerial and technological aspects must be considered in conjunction. By studying theories on Business Processes, business decisions and Artificial Intelligence and through hands on workshops, the course focuses on how AI and decision management alters internal and external processes within and across organisations.

Presence of students On-campus