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Omaha, NE, United States
Information Systems


The College of Information Science and Technology (IS&T) is innovative. It’s collaborative. It’s dedicated to improving the world we live in and the ways we interact with technology.

The University of Nebraska Omaha offers the best available resources to help make this happen, including strong ties with industry and community leaders in metropolitan Omaha. Our dedicated faculty is a source of great pride for the college, both in the classroom and in the research lab. We also take pride in our students, who are some of the top competitors in IT.

If we sound proud of who we are, that’s not by mistake. Here are some of the reasons why—and why you should choose UNO.

Pioneering Research

UNO offers the best of a metropolitan research university. It’s little wonder that the College of IS&T was awarded more than $6 million in grants between August 2011 and July 2012. Research interests in IS&T are as diverse as the many disciplines involved in the college, and some faculty have achieved national recognition for their work. Take Associate Professor of Information Assurance Dr. Robin Gandhi, whose research in information assurance and risk assessment has made him a popular media source for stories about smart phone data usage and privacy.

Challenging Curriculum

Technology evolves, and the College of IS&T is continually evaluating our curriculum to ensure we stay ahead of the curve. Some fundamental courses always remain, while others reflect changing times. Learning opportunities extend beyond the classroom and into the work environment. More than 80 percent of IS&T students have internships in their field, and a majority of them are paid.

Part of the Community

What good is a metropolitan campus if it’s not part of the community? The College of IS&T is trying to make the world aware of important technology issues that affect our future. One example is NULLify, a student run cybersecurity group that hosted a Capture the Flag (CTF) hacking competition for area high schools, alerting potential IS&T students to the nuances of information assurance, a potential area of study.

Prepared to Thrive

Upon graduation, IS&T graduate students earned $10,000 more than the average UNO graduate student. Nearly 80 percent of IS&T’s 2013 graduate students were employed full-time immediately after graduation or were continuing onto a M.S. or Ph.D. program.

Bachelor Programs

The Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems (BIS) degree will provide students with the educational background for pursuing an exciting career in applying computers in business and government to process data and solve a wide variety of business problems. Our BIS majors earn a degree with 120 credit hours with a strong IS/IT emphasis. In fact, since nearly half the BIS degree consisits of IT oriented classes that range from managerial to technical, our students are technically strong and managerially savvy. Students get paid internships early in the program and graduate and work in areas such as programmer analysts, data analytics, business intelligence, management information systems, information suport staff, systems analysts, information security managers, electronic commerce specialists, web developers, and much more.

Master Programs

The Master of Science in Management Information Systems (MIS) degree is designed to provide our students the skills and background needed to develop and manage an organization's information resources, technology, and infrastructure. It serves as a source of added knowledge and experience for MIS graduates and practitioners interested in obtaining an advanced degree. It also provides career growth opportunities for the non-MIS and non-business degree holders who find that their careers demand graduate level MIS education.

Students educated in the program will be qualified for a variety of business system analyst, MIS analyst, consulting analyst, and technology management positions. They will also be qualified for admission to doctoral programs in information systems studies. A community advisory committee helps keep the program current with the needs of the business community.

PhD Programs

Multidisciplinary Emphasis, Competitive, Research Intensive

The Ph.D. program in Information Technology at the University of Nebraska Omaha (UNO) is a research-intensive, multidisciplinary program focused around the core areas of computer science, management information systems and interdisciplinary informatics.

Our vision is to become one of the top programs that offer a doctoral degree in information technology, both in terms of scholarship and the placement of our graduates. The program admits exceptional students that have demonstrated a strong foundation in the core areas with high potential and commitment towards future academic achievement and success.


  • Understanding of the theory and application of information technology focused around the core areas of computer science, management information systems and interdisciplinary informatics
  • Knowledge of the analysis, design, development and implementation of current and future information technologies
  • Competence in conducting and managing high-quality, basic and applied research
  • Solid grounding in the fundamentals of academic teaching
  • Strong foundation in multidisciplinary and emergent areas in information technology

Applied Research

Faculty members are very productive in their research and compete for funding from competitive sources such as the National Science Foundation and the Department of Defense. Most faculty conduct research in one of the three disciplines (computer science, management information systems, interdisciplinary informatics) that comprise our program. Within these areas, research interests include: artificial intelligence, data and text mining, software engineering, biomedical informatics, cybersecurity, data analytics, database management, IT infrastructure and many more.

Recent Placements

Our Ph.D. graduates generally enter the workforce in one of two areas: faculty jobs or industry. Recent graduates from our program have taken up faculty positions at with the Computer Science Department, Allegheny College (Pa.), and MIS Departments at the University of Texas-Dallas and Appalachian State University (Ga.). At UNO, our Ph.D. program requires students to teach, giving them worthwhile exposure to a classroom setting. Other recent graduates have taken up industry positions at PayPal and Intel.


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