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Nottingham Trent University (NTU) is a forward thinking institution and adheres to the standards you would expect from a modern day academic institution.

NTU is one of the most sustainable universities in the world and we have been awarded Green Flags for our Brackenhurst and Clifton Campuses. We have approximately 27,000 students (HESA 2014 / 15) and have invested £350 million since 2003 across our three Campuses to create an inspiring learning environment.

Our greatest strengths:

These lie in the energy, expertise, and experience that our colleagues bring to their academic disciplines. These attributes have enabled us to enhance our reputation for outstanding campuses, teaching innovation, research excellence and exceptional scholarship. They have also enabled us to develop our commitment to corporate social responsibility and sector leading information systems. We have managed our resources effectively over recent years.

Bachelor Programs

This course addresses the growing need for graduates with business-orientated and interactive computing skills. It teaches you how to design, develop, and manage information systems with a strong focus on the business environment.

You will develop a range of sought-after technical skills in information system and web development. You will also study the:

  • way in which IT supports business processes
  • difficult yet fascinating task of ensuring that this support is effective.

We have combined modules from the main computing courses with more business-orientated and interactive computing modules. Our aim is to ensure that you form the knowledge and skill set that commercial employers find attractive.

Master Programs

The course provides specialist education in the design, development, and management of scalable Enterprise-level Information Systems. The programme will equip you to critically analyse business requirements to deploy the information system within the Enterprise and in public Computing Clouds.

The course provides a broad education in the area of Internet and Cloud-based systems engineering and management, and emphasises the importance of team building and problem solving skills. There is the opportunity for a year-long work placement, giving you valuable workplace experience to enhance your skills. In addition, the research project will allow you to develop greater subject specialism in one specific Cloud or Enterprise computing topic of your choice.

On the computing front, you will learn the principles and techniques necessary for designing, developing, and evaluating Enterprise Information System (EIS) that are distributed, interoperable, intelligent, and adaptive to change. In addition, the major project element of the course will allow you an opportunity to develop greater subject specialism in one specific Cloud or Enterprise computing topic of your choice.

Overall the programme will equip you to be an independent learner who can critically analyse the business requirements to engineer a comprehensive IT solution that strikes a balance between the financial constraints and the demand for a scalable yet integrative IT infrastructure.

This course combines the theory and practice of engineering with the study of business and resource-based management, entrepreneurial leadership, new business ventures and small-to-medium enterprises. It has been designed to meet the increasing demand for postgraduates with an understanding of the application of business and management knowledge in the industrial and engineering sectors.

Combining subjects such as engineering, business and management, our Postgraduate Diploma and MSc in Engineering Management have been designed to meet the increasing demand for postgraduates with an understanding of the application of business and management knowledge in the industrial and engineering sectors.

The most significant reason to study Engineering Management at Nottingham Trent is the commercial relevance of our courses. For example, an innovative and distinctive feature of the course is the cross-disciplinary group design project, which provides a challenging, simulated environment in which to work as a member of a team. The project will encourage you to develop the business, management and interpersonal skills that will further enhance your employability, with particular emphasis on creativity, team building, leadership and decision making.


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With industrial and academic background in management of business and information systems, with particular experience in ICT industry; I have developed my career as an enterprise business analyst and strategic technology consultant. After receiving my MSc’s degree, I have been employed as a business developer with a small business/IT firm, currently I am working within the enterprise architecture domain. I have increased my successful business deals with high level strategic analysis and Advisory for building IT systems that aligned to business strategy. I have a strong academic background (teaching and research) in IS and operation management, currently I am appointed as a research fellow in UoN. I believe that I can apply my combination of knowledge and experience to any business filed, whatever it challenging my experience. Specialties: enterprise modelling, business modeling, business process re-engineering/modeling, enterprise architecture, solution advisory, socio-technical systems, management and system quality, business development, system modeling, IT architectures, knowledge management and change management.