Lecture | Information Systems

Communication and Collaboration Systems


Communication and Collaboration Systems (KUK) are a premise for the cooperation in Teams and organizations across space and time borders. The modules goal is to show and explain to students the broad spectrum of communication and collaboration elements. The module contains lecture, case study elaboration and application of recent Communication and Collaboration Technologies such as social media. Participants should get an overview about recent technologies of communication and collaboration systems and adapt theoretical, social and organizational knowledge about such systems. Furthermore, the requirements for the management processes of distributed cooperation systems need to be understood. Therefore, the module introduces technical aspects of communication infrastructures, establishes topics from a communication theoretical point of view and addresses the challenges of virtual teamwork. Distributed systems are discussed from a management perspectice (CSCW, collaborative systems for distributed teams). Additionally, basic knowledge about technical structures of distributes systems are addressed (e.g. ISO/OSI model).

Learning outcomes

Academic: Students become secure in the classification and choice of Communication and Collaboration Systems. In particular students are familiar with potentials and risks for organizations that are resulting from current developments like Unified Communications or Social Networks. Soft skills: Case studies are used to support experiential learning. They have to deal with real-world problems and have to organize their teamwork and project management. Therefore, social skills as well as presentation techniques are trained.
Number of credit hours per week 4
Course eligibility Compulsory
Presence of students On-campus