This course equips students to tackle complex computational problems; it trains students to design solutions to solve those problems using a computer program. It draws upon concepts from mathematics and computer science – more precisely, discrete mathematics, data structures and algorithm design. This course will hone students’ analytical skills as they are challenged to think abstractly and computationally. Their minds will be open to the wonders of computing, as they go behind the scene to unravel the fundamental analytics that empower social networking sites, consulting agencies and service companies.

Learning outcomes

By taking this course, students will: - Discover the science of computing (or How to think like a Computer Scientist) - Model problems and learn practical problem-solving techniques to tackle complex computational problems (beyond what a spreadsheet is capable of solving) - Apply problem-solving techniques to develop more elegant and efficient programs - Learn to write programs to represent and manipulate with complex data objects - Understand the challenge of scale, not only in dealing with large data sets, but also in appreciating the nature of computing and computability
Number of credit hours per week 3
Total number of credit hours 36
Course eligibility Compulsory
Presence of students On-campus