Train highly skilled professionals in the field of Information Systems and Information Technology aligned with the business needs and objectives – Information Genius for the Enterprise.

The Computer Science and Business Management degree (IGE) aims to produce professionals with the capabilities to face the most up to date organisational and information systems and technologies challenges. In the last years, new computing platforms and paradigms have emerged, such as the growing number of mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) and cloud computing and virtualization that created new organisational challenges. On the other side, the social networks growth and the collection and analysis of huge data volumes (Big Data) also represent additional challenges for modern organisations. 

The Computer Science and Business Management graduates will be able to face such challenges, and to develop activities in the field of Information Technologies and Systems, and integrate and coordinate multidisciplinary information systems development teams that are devoted to address organisational problems. IGE graduates are equally prepared to develop activities related with information systems management, teaching and research, or even to develop their own innovative products and services through the launch of new startup companies.

Information Technologies and Sciences are the major dominant scientific influence of the degree, balanced by a relevant Management Sciences contribution.

Throughout their path across the Computer Science and Business Management degree, students will face curricular units about general management, marketing, finance and accounting in a perfect coexistence with subjects such as operating systems, computer architecture, programming, information systems and networks. The integration between such curricular units help shape the Computer Science and Business Management graduates’ profile, creating an important differentiation from others, contributing to its success and reflecting on the degree’s high employability rates.

Therefore the Computer Science and Business Management degree students acquire a systemic vision that makes them capable of promoting the integration and complementarity of Business Management and Computer Science areas. They became professionals with the ability to manage the information as a strategic resource and as an organisational competitive instrument.

Schedule Full-time
Duration 4 Years
Presence of students On-campus
Enrollment capacity per term 60
Tuition and fees per year 7000.00 EUR
Scholarships available No


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