Like most Computer Science programs, our program prepares students to design and implement software systems and the develop algorithms used to solve real world problems in business, industry, and engineering. Our curriculum focuses on implementing large, complex, high-performance, secure, asynchronous systems that require complex algorithms and intricate data structures including network, operating system, compiler, graphics and simulation packages.

While many of our CS graduates enter the workforce as systems software developers, even more are hired by businesses to build applications software. As such, CS graduates require a better knowledge of the business context of the systems being developed than they would acquire if limited to only CS courses. Our CS majors gain exposure to concepts like business rules, varied stakeholders, and business requirements elicitation. They also learn the importance of accounting and financial data, and gain a better awareness of the importance of written and oral communication. Our CS graduates are better prepared to develop both traditional systems software and business application software.

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As Chair and Professor of Informatics and Computer Science at Idaho State University, I lead a department that lies at the nexus of the College of Science and Engineering and the College of Business. Leading such a diversified and quickly evolving department has provided me with unique experience collaborating with upper administration, faculty, and employers statewide as well as managing change across a range of programs.

I have served as an administrator since 2012, and my experience includes restructuring all of our undergraduate programs, directing our expansion into graduate offerings, devising a strategy for expanding our offerings beyond our current market, and implementing a program to connect experienced faculty and talented students with business partners to solve real world problems and provide students with opportunities to learn and grow.

I have over 70 peer-reviewed publications, and I have a sustained record of quality research and scholarship even after assuming my administrative duties, with fourteen refereed publications coming after 2012. I am currently part of an interdisciplinary team that is engaged in a funded research project.

I was selected the 2011 Faculty Member of the Year by the Associated Students of ISU, and was recognized as an Outstanding Master Teacher by ISU in both 2011 and 2012. I also received the ISU College of Business 2002-2003 Outstanding Teacher Award. I received the ISU College of Business 2005-2006 Outstanding Research Award. In 2007 I was awarded a Curtin University Research Fellowship in Perth, Australia.

As an experienced and innovative technology professional with experience developing software systems for one of the top Fortune 500 companies, I have a thorough understanding of the challenges of business education in an increasingly competitive and technologically diverse environment.