The  main  target of  the  study  program  is  to  graduate  professionals  in  Computer  science  who possess deep knowledge and skills for working in the field of Informatics and Computer Science. 
The  professional  development of  bachelors  in  computer  science  is  aimed  at  software operating,  maintenance  and  development,  as  well  as  administration  of  programming  systems and networks.
Bachelors  of  Computer  Science are  equipped  with  profession al  skills  and  programming language  knowledge  in  the  area  of  Informatics  and  Computer  Science.  Graduates  are  also provided  with  good  mathematical  learning.  The  professional  qualification  is  guaranteed  by  the well-balanced  proportion  of  basic  courses  in  Informatics,  Mathematics  and  other  practice-oriented subjects.  
The study program involves: - Basic  courses in  the  main  branches  of  Informatics  and  computer  science,  Mathematics, Mechanics, and foreign languages; - Specialized courses   covering   due   knowledge   on   computer   architectures,   network communications,  computer  linguistics,  image  processing,  web  design,  etc.  included  in groups of elective subjects; - Acquisition  of  practice oriented  knowledge  and  skills for  using  modern  software products.



  • small groups of students
  • low tuition fees
Schedule Full-time
Duration 4 Years
Presence of students On-campus
Enrollment capacity per term 30
Average number of applications per term 50
Total number of enrolled students 120
Scholarships available No


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