Computer Science / Engineering / Business Administration

Wedel, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Information Systems


The Fachhochschule Wedel University of Applied Sciences is a well-known private university with approximately 1.300 enrolled students. Our institution is located in the Hamburg Metropolitan Area in Northern Germany.

We steadily adopt current developments in the economy and integrate these new standards into the curriculum. This guarantees the excellent quality of our academic programmes, which in turn helps our graduates in finding jobs easily. In fact, 90% of our bachelor graduates have already signed a job contract by the time they finish their studies.

FH Wedel University of Applied Sciences maintains close connections to multinational companies. The friends association, the Wedeler Hochschulbund e. V. (WHB), assembles more than 200 well-known companies such as AIRBUS, Panasonic or Hapag-Lloyd as members. Co-operations are established via internships, theses and joint development projects. Following their graduation, our students are often employed by the companies in which students have already done internships or their theses.

We aim to provide our students with an education that will yield excellent job and career opportunities once they graduate. For this purpose, our efforts in teaching extend beyond factual and methodical knowledge – we strive for our students to develop the character traits necessary for positions of responsibility in companies, organisations, as well as administrative bodies.

The tuition that we offer comes in interdisciplinary and well-adjusted degree programmes in the fields of informatics, engineering, and business. All teaching strikes a balance between theoretical foundations, current developments, and practical application. As a privately run institution, we can provide a productive environment and a high level of care for each individual student.

The relationship between students, professors, assistants, and any other staff is one of partnership and respect. Independence is valued, as is the ability to work as a team. We benefit from co-operation with universities all over the world and welcome students and staff from foreign countries.


Bachelor Programs

The E-Commerce programme combines fundamentals of computer science and business administration in relation to the requirements of digital commerce. 

A module is made up of different complementary courses - such as lectures, projects, and seminars.

Particular emphasis is placed on application-oriented, practical and interdisciplinary studies, which allows students to gain knowledge and practical experience during projects and case studies as well as in research and development tasks.

Two elective tracks are offered in the E-Commerce programme: A track with a focus on computer science and a track with a focus on business.

The computer science track will educate students in programming skills and thereby their ability to mathematical algorithms analysis. Students will also gain essential business skills. In business track, students learn the fundamentals of business administration and economics as well as first insights into programming. Both disciplines also convey specific E-Commerce knowledge such as online marketing and web analytics. Students will be able to assess the added value of IT solutions and have the tools for successful project management in software engineering.

The course IT Management, Consulting and Auditing is an application-oriented bachelor programme which addresses the usage of information systems in companies. Due to its thematic focus on the complete lifecycle of IT systems in organizations it stands out from related programmes such as business informatics. Besides the technical aspects of IT system design and implementation it comprises a holistic view on managerial and organizational perspectives on the provision of high quality IT services in process-oriented organizations. At the same time the curriculum covers special requirements that are essential for professional activities in the IT consulting and IT auditing domain. The integrated development of managerial and computer science-related competences as well as the focus on specific professional fields is the particular substantive strength of the programme. With this thematic focus, numerous diverse professional activity fields are possible for the graduates in almost all branches of industry and all management levels.

Master Programs

The master's programme qualifies students to work scientifically and provides a broad foundation for theoretical and analytical skills. Students acquire knowledge of sophisticated methods to solve advanced problems in the digital business sphere with a focus on managerial aspects of digital commerce.

Major courses include business models and strategic change management as well as business intelligence and IT management.

In addition, students acquire management skills during team-based project work. FH Wedel maintains close contact with industrial partners, especially in Hamburg and northern Germany. Due to practice-oriented courses and projects, graduates and students of FH Wedel enjoy an excellent reputation as highly skilled, committed, and dynamic professionals.

In the Master's course IT Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Wedel in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region, you will acquire advanced skills in computer science and engineering. You will receive further tuition in the fields of algorithmics and dynamical systems. Special emphasis is placed on distributed systems, IT security, medical engineering, robotics, embedded systems, technical optics, and modern production methods. Some courses are electives, so that you can either focus more on computer science or more on systems engineering.
Our Master's programme enables you to carry out scientific work and provides you with deep theoretical and analytical skills. You will acquire techniques that enable you to solve complex problems. You will become acquainted with challenging application fields such as medical engineering and robotics. You will be trained to be eligible for leading positions in a company. If you decide to stay in science, you may pursue a PhD thesis as a following step. The professors of the University of Applied Sciences Wedel will support you in this. At the end of your studies, you will be in possession of an advanced set of skills which can be applied to all application domains and you will have obtained specialised knowledge in some selected application domains.

The University of Applied Sciences Wedel has very close contacts to industry, especially in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region and Northern Germany. The friends association, the Wedeler Hochschulbund e.V. (WHB), gives you another opportunity to bridge the gap between theory and practice. Industrial representatives are integrated into the courses. In IT Engineering, a full module is given by representatives from practice. This guarantees a mutual exchange between science and practice, and our students keep in touch with current trends and challenges.


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