Computer Science / Engineering / Business Administration

Wedel, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Information Systems


Studying at the University of Applied Sciences Wedel means laying the foundation for a brilliant career! For the last 60 years, our private university in the metropolitan area of Hamburg has guaranteed the highest quality in teaching and science. Our graduates benefit from this excellent reputation, since most of them already have signed a job contract by the time they have finished their studies.

We offer eleven different bachelor's programmes and six master's programmes in the fields of business, computer science and engineering. In these programmes, our students will be well-prepared for the business world through a combination of profound knowledge and practical experience.


Bachelor Programs

The E-Commerce programme combines fundamentals of computer science and business administration in relation to the requirements of digital commerce. 

A module is made up of different complementary courses - such as lectures, projects, and seminars.

Particular emphasis is placed on application-oriented, practical and interdisciplinary studies, which allows students to gain knowledge and practical experience during projects and case studies as well as in research and development tasks.

Two elective tracks are offered in the E-Commerce programme: A track with a focus on computer science and a track with a focus on business.

The computer science track will educate students in programming skills and thereby their ability to mathematical algorithms analysis. Students will also gain essential business skills. In business track, students learn the fundamentals of business administration and economics as well as first insights into programming. Both disciplines also convey specific E-Commerce knowledge such as online marketing and web analytics. Students will be able to assess the added value of IT solutions and have the tools for successful project management in software engineering.

The course IT Management, Consulting and Auditing is an application-oriented bachelor programme which addresses the usage of information systems in companies. Due to its thematic focus on the complete lifecycle of IT systems in organizations it stands out from related programmes such as business informatics. Besides the technical aspects of IT system design and implementation it comprises a holistic view on managerial and organizational perspectives on the provision of high quality IT services in process-oriented organizations. At the same time the curriculum covers special requirements that are essential for professional activities in the IT consulting and IT auditing domain. The integrated development of managerial and computer science-related competences as well as the focus on specific professional fields is the particular substantive strength of the programme. With this thematic focus, numerous diverse professional activity fields are possible for the graduates in almost all branches of industry and all management levels.

Master Programs

The master's programme qualifies students to work scientifically and provides a broad foundation for theoretical and analytical skills. Students acquire knowledge of sophisticated methods to solve advanced problems in the digital business sphere with a focus on managerial aspects of digital commerce.

Major courses include business models and strategic change management as well as business intelligence and IT management.

In addition, students acquire management skills during team-based project work. FH Wedel maintains close contact with industrial partners, especially in Hamburg and northern Germany. Due to practice-oriented courses and projects, graduates and students of FH Wedel enjoy an excellent reputation as highly skilled, committed, and dynamic professionals.

In the master's course IT Engineering students acquire advanced skills in computer science and engineering. They receive a mix of theoretical foundations as well as practical knowledge in various fields such as medical engineering, technical optics, robotics, embedded systems, algorithmical issues and IT security. They may specialise in software development as well as in engineering topics as well as in IT security. Our master's programme enables to carry out scientific work and provides deep theoretical and analytical skills. Students will be trained to be eligible for leading positions. If they decide to stay in science, they may pursue a PhD thesis as a following step at a scientific university. At the end of the studies, students will have an advanced set of skills which can be applied to various jobs in the field.


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