Computer Systems and Automation Department

Vinnytsia, Vinnytsia region, Ukraine
Information Systems


Vinnytsia National Technical University is an educational establishment of the fourth level of accreditation well known both in Ukraine and far abroad.
VNTU consists of 8 scientific and educational faculties:
FCSA (Faculty of Computer Systems and Automatics )
FCETPEGS (Faculty of Civil Engineering, Thermal Power Engineering and Gas Supply)
FPEEEM (Faculty of Power Engineering, Ecology and Electrical Mechanics)
FITCE (Faculty of Information Technologies and Computer Engineering)
FMBT (Faculty of Machine Building and Transport)
FRETEIE (Faculty of Radio Engineering, Telecommunication and Electronic Instrument Engineering)
FM (Faculty of Management)

and seven Integral Institutes, designed for the provision of training process:

Institute of Master's, Post-Graduate and Doctor Degree Studies (InMPDDS)
Institute of Humanitarian and Educational Policy (InHEP)
Institute of Training and Production Integration (InTPI)
Institute of International Relations (InIR)
Institute of Pre-University Training (InRUT)
Institute of Organizational and Methodical Provision of Training (InOMPT)
Institute of Progressive Training Technologies (InPTT)
Institute of Ecology and Ecology Cibernetics (InEEC)


Other Programs

Education is inextricably linked with scientific activity, and students of the faculty are actively involved in research annually participate in scientific conferences, competitions of student research papers on "Informatics and Cybernetics", "Information, Computing and Automation", "Information Security" "Instrument"; in competitions, especially in nationwide competitions "Programming" and "Computer systems management and automation", which invited the most gifted students from leading universities in Ukraine and abroad. Students FKSA traditionally occupy prizes.

Since 2001 FKSA publishes its own international scientific journal "Optoelectronic Information-Power Technologies," in which students have an excellent opportunity to be published along with his scientific mentors.

Departments FKSA collaborating with leading scientific centers and research institutions in Ukraine and around the world. Supported fruitful relations with a large number of universities around the world.

The faculty are international student branch societies Optical Engineering SPIE and OSA (USA), thus ensuring unique free subscription to magazines and free access to international publications in informatics and optics, communications with leading experts around the world, and the best students receive grants to travel abroad for scientific and technological activities.

Developed by scientists together with students of the Faculty devices were shown at international exhibitions scientific developments and new technologies in Ukraine and many countries of the world and fought for the gold and silver medals, prizes and received rave reviews. Based on FKSA active scientific and technical department of the Vinnytsia regional department of Small Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

As a result of successful learning, active and social work students, masters, graduate students, young scientists have repeatedly been FKSA personal scholarships of the President of Ukraine, Verkhovna Rada, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, international funds; winners of numerous international and national competitions and contests; received diplomas of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine; won grants from international funds to support research and training abroad. Students FKSA have real opportunities to improve their skills, and learning academically related master's degree abroad

FKSA known not only for its academic and scientific achievements, but also in particular sports. Among the sports department - master of sports of international class, world championships medalists, champions of Europe, Ukraine.

All students are provided with comfortable hostel

In addition to stationary forms are extramural training on the job


FKSA graduates have excellent and absolutely real employment prospects. And not only in Ukraine but also abroad. The high level of education confirmed successful employment and career development of graduates. Many of them occupy key administrative, scientific and technical positions in leading state and joint-stock enterprises, organizations and institutions for computer companies - software developers and agents, in banks and commercial establishments like


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Coordinator for Marketing and Organisation
Institute of Information Systems


2011: Bachelor of Arts in International Business Management at the Hochschule Furtwangen University, HFU Business School, Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany

2009 - 2010: Study exchange at the San Francisco State University, USA

2007 - 2011: Bachelor studies in International Business Management (in English) at the Hochschule Furtwangen University, HFU Business School, Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany

2006 - 2007: Studies of Law and English at the University of Innsbruck, Austria

2006: Stay abroad at the Takapuna Grammar School in Auckland, New Zealand

2006: High School diploma at the B.O.R.G Dornbirn-Schoren, Austria


Since 2016: Coordinator for Marketing and Organisation at the Institute of Information Systems at the University of Liechtenstein in Vaduz, Liechtenstein

2013 - 2016: PR-/Online-Manager at Bachmann electronic GmbH in Feldkirch, Austria

2011 - 2013: Marketing, Communication and Organisation at Cree GmbH in Bregenz/Dornbirn, Austria

2010 - 2011: Internship in Corporate Communications at Zumtobel Group in Dornbirn, Austria



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