This module is based on the introductory module “Data and Probability”. It covers the fundamentals of statistical data analysis as well as the use of simulation methods in order to investigate business processes. To this end, software tools for statistical analysis and simulation are investigated during the courses. The techniques covered are basic in forthcoming modules focusing on empirical data. In particular, specialization courses in Quantitative Methods often employ tools and methods for statistical testing or simulation.

Learning outcomes

Academic: The Students know/can apply fundamental statistical methods in IS. He/she is capable of modeling queuing systems in mathematical terms. Soft skills: Reading and understanding formal texts using probability-language. Working in small groups (self study) in order to solve mathematical problems, Presentation Skills (when visiting the tutorial). Knowledge of common Software-Tools in Statistics and Simulation
Number of credit hours per week 6
Course eligibility Compulsory
Presence of students On-campus