Lecture | Information Systems

Data Warehouse and Data Mining


The main contents of this course include: (1) Introduce the main technology of data warehouse and data mining, and the relationship between data warehouse, data mining and information management, (2) The basic concept, function, process and method of data mining, (3) The latest data mining technology, (4) Discuss the feature extraction and indexing of text content from the theoretical and practical aspects, expounds the theory and technology of text classification and clustering and the difference between them. It also discusses the method and system implementation of automatic summarization, the application of information filtering technology and the relationship between it and text mining technology, (5) Discuss the application of data mining technology in competitive intelligence system, including relationship mining, index value automatic extraction, competitor analysis, customer relationship management and so on.Through this course, students can understand the background, the concept and the development of data mining, and grasp the relevant methods and techniques.

Number of credit hours per week 2
Course eligibility Optional
Presence of students On-campus