Database concepts and structures. File and data management principles underlying database construction. Fundamental types of database models, with emphasis on relational databases as well as on major non-relational forms. Practice in analysis, design, development, and optimization of working database applications on a variety of problems. Small and large system databases will be considered. Prerequisite: BCIS 3332 or BCIS 3333 or approval of department head. Lab fee $2.

Learning outcomes

Knowledge Outcomes:


KO1. Students will explain the use of basic data models

KO2. Students will explain the use of database models

KO3. Students will explain the use of SQL


Skill Outcomes:


SO1. Students will identify, modify, and create Entity Relationship Diagrams

SO2. Students will implement business rules into a database

SO3. Students will use SQL to execute queries

SO4. Students will use SQL to create tables   

Number of credit hours per week 3


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Dr. Schuessler is the Associate Dean of the College of Business at Tarleton State University. Previously serving as the Deparment Head for Marketing and Computer Information Systems, Dr. Schuessler teaches undergradaute and graduate classes in networking, and graduate classes in e-business and the MS-IS capstone course. His research interests revolve about computer security, data breaches, and information systems security effectiveness.