This course aims to address the fundamentals of Database Systems, its characteristics and the various technologies used in its implementation. In this context, it examines the role of the Database Management System (DBMS) to develop computer systems and the features they made ​​available to the application level. It is intended, in particular, to address the characteristics, application areas and major limitations of the relational model of databases. One of the strengths of this course is the emphasis in the development of skills needed for the design of conceptual data models and corresponding relational databases schemes. Similarly, great attention is given to the development of the skills needed to interact with database systems through the use of relational languages​.

Learning outcomes

Students who succeed in completing the course should be able:

  1. To understand the role of DBMS in the development and exploitation of computer  systems;
  2. To discuss the rationale and virtues of the relational model of databases;
  3. To develop conceptual data models and to implement them in relational database systems;
  4. To use relational languages to interact with relational databases.
Course eligibility Optional