Department of Business Administration

Tiranë, Albania
Information Systems, Business Intelligence, Technology and Innovation


The Department of Business Administration (BUS Department) aims the development of business knowledge to be applied in the management of business and non-business organizations, big and small, domestic and international (e.g. small family businesses, corporations, cultural associations, nonprofit organizations, social businesses, healthcare organizations, financial institutions, public administration, and others). The students will be able to acquire the necessary skills to operate in Albania and globally due to the systemic and integrated knowledge about organizations. The department’s objective is to qualify new future employees and managers with a strong background on business administration by underlying a systems and constructivist perspective.

In the BUS Department, students can choose to study business administration, business informatics, and international marketing and logistics. These programs offer a high rate of employment opportunities. By studying in BUS, students can work in different departments as easily configured in an organizational chart. For example, taking into account their specialization, they might work in the departments of accounting, marketing, sales, human resources, information systems, operations, R&D, etc.

Detailed information on the courses offered in the semester schedules is included in the academic plan. The list of departmental compulsory and elective courses is provided in details in the academic programs. In addition, for each course the students can check the content from the information system in order to be aware about the subjects, teaching methods, requisites, ECTS credit system, and workload. Furthermore, students will be supported all the time by the academic advisors, which are professors of the BUS Department. The list of courses offered each semester by our department and academic catalogue correlate together. The objective of this department is to fulfill the need for qualified members in this field, and to prepare skilled people to work in different sectors of the global economy.


The mission of the Department of Business Administration (BUS Department) is developing business capabilities through holistic teaching methods by cultivating a sense of intellectualism, togetherness, and inclusive leadership.

The final output is educating early professionals for co-creating value among market actors, in terms of employability, continuous improvement, and business system sustainability. 


The Albanian Business Ecosystem is moving toward a new era, which will be accompanied by best business practices and success stories. The vision of BUS Department is to be the most valuable partner for transforming Albanian business cases into best business practices. Our ambition is to have behind all business case histories, our early professionals.




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