Department of Business Administration

Jeonju, Jeonbuk, South Korea
Information Systems


The department of business administration aims to educate and train prepared GLOCAL experts, able to flexibly respond to in this era of fast change. The curriculum of this department is designed to help student learn a balanced knowledge of what business administration is about. It also provides opportunities for students to participate in co-op programs to experience and learn working-level business.

#105, Ja-Yoo Hall, Jeonju University. Tel. +82-63-220-2284. Fax. +82-63-220-2052.

Bachelor Programs

The department of Business Administration offers majors in the Bachelor of Business Administration degree program, designed to prepare students for career positions in management, human resources management, marketing, management information systems, finance, operations management, and international business. The department is housed in the College of Business, in the Jayou Hall.


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