Department of Computer Science

Vaasa, Finland
Information Systems, Computer Sciences


In the department of computer science the following disciplines are present: Software engineering, information systems, and telecommunications. In the following the programs concerning information systems are introduced.


Bachelor Programs

After studing in the program the student has understanding on what are production processes in any industrial organisations, for example, and how they could be developed in terms of quality. In addition, the student knows how to develop information systems to support business objectives of a firm. The studies include basic modules of business studies including accounting, managing a firm, strategic leadership, for example.

At the end of the first year the student is expected to select the major between industrial management and information systems. After the selection the student continues with the courses of the major.

If the student selects information systems as his or her major, he or she has right to continue with Master's program in information systems (taught in Finnish).

The program is taugh in Finnish language.

Master Programs

In the master's program the student learns IT project management, usability of ISs, software business, IT governance, for example. The student has possibility to concentrate on the computing viewpoint to energy chain (energy informatics). 

The student need to select a minor discipline from business studies (e.g., management, marketing).

The program is taugh in Finnish.


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