Department of Data Science and Engineering Management

Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
Information Systems


The goal of Department of Data Science and Engineering Management is to be a leading academic department in cultivating data managers and professionals who possess up-to-date training and frontier knowledge in the areas such as information systems and electronic commerce, decision making and optimization, as well as neuro-management. The department is established in July 2016, in response to dramatic changes and great demand for talents to meet the arrival of the era of data. The history of the department can be tracked back to 1979. In that year, Zhejiang University established the first department of management science in Mainland China, and enrolled the first generation of graduate students. Later on, in 1986, the management science and engineering doctorate was established, which became one of the very initial doctoral programs in this discipline in the country, soon followed with the built of post-doctoral research station in 1998. In 1999, the management science was approved to be a key discipline of Zhejiang Province, and is featured by "211 Project" & "985 Project" key construction disciplines of Zhejiang University. Based on the rapid development, the discipline was approved as a national key discipline in 2007, and was ranked as NO. 2 in the evaluation of National Ministry of Education in 2012. Our department now has 18 faculty members, including eight professors and eight associate professors and two assistant professors.

Bachelor Programs

This program develops students with a global vision, a solid foundation of theoretical knowledge and an integrated approach to comprehensive application. It enables students to understand the Chinese situation and the major field of this discipline, and to do academic research or take practice positions in related fields. This major course emphasizes on cultivating a good mathematics and physics thinking, and it provides students with knowledge of economics and management theories, and IT knowledge and ability. Graduated students are equipped with skills to develop, construct and carry out information system designs as well as the ability to analyze and use informative resources. And they are competent to work in organizations of governmental departments, corporations and research organs, handling operations of information systems, IT consultancy, operational flow designs and decision supports.

Master Programs

The Master of Science in Management majoring in Management Science and Engineering is a 2-year program. It aims to cultivate internationalized talents with global perspective, entrepreneurial spirit, creative thinking and social responsibility. Students are trained to acquire knowledge in multidiscipline such as management, economics and data science, and to have abilities in theoretical modeling, quantitative analysis, and practical application. Students are expected to use management theories, methods, and tools to solve complex managerial problems.

PhD Programs

This program is aiming at promoting innovative nation and cultivating innovative research talents. Focusing on independent research and innovative ability, the program will cultivate a group of top researchers with global perspectives, and are able to keep up with the academic development frontier. 


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