Department of Industrial Engineering and Management

Information Systems


The Department of Industrial Engineering and Management (IEM) at Ben Gurion University (BGU) of the Negev is positioned within the Faculty of Engineering Sciences. Degrees offered by the department include the

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management (IEM)

M.Sc. with thesis and without thesis in Industrial Engineering

Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering and Management.

The B.Sc. degree has special tracks, including specialization in Information Systems and Production Management, and a double degree with Mathematics. The M.Sc. degree has specializations in Industrial Engineering, Information Systems, and Industrial Management.

Bachelor Programs

Master Programs

This program trains students for professional or research positions as experts specializing in certain aspects of IS (managerial, operational, and/or technological), and combine their IS expertise with abilities in strategic and tactical management. Graduates of the IS acquire knowledge that enables them to address diverse aspects related the fast-progressing multidisciplinary IS field that manufacturing and service organizations confront, like operations (production, automation), management (strategies, policies, decision-making, finance and human resource management), and technology (hardware, networks and software).

PhD Programs

The department encourages outstanding candidates to apply for studies towards the doctorate (Ph.D.) in Industrial Engineering in all fields of research in the department. Ph.D. students belong to the Kreitman school of Advanced Graduate Studies. General information regarding required preconditions, registration, acceptance and study regulations can be found on the site of the Kreitman school.   The doctoral studies focus on independent research. Each student is required to complete a number of courses during these studies (6 – 12 credit points) and may have to complete additional courses to obtain the necessary knowledge and skills for conducting the research. Doctoral students are encouraged and expected to take an active part in research and teaching activities in the department.   A precondition for applying to the Ph.D. degree in the department is that a faculty member in the department with a rank of at least Senior Lecturer agrees to serve as the advisor for the Ph.D. Thus, as a first step towards studying for a Ph.D., applicants need to contact relevant faculty and locate a person who agrees to serve as their advisor. A list of faculty research interests and contact information can be found at the departmental website. The doctoral studies can be conducted in three tracks:     1. The regular Ph.D. track. Registration to this track is open to students who hold a M.Sc. degree in Industrial Engineering and Management or a related area with a minimal grade average of 85. Applicants must have completed a research thesis during their M.Sc. studies with a minimal grade of 85.   2. A direct track towards the Ph.D. degree. Registration to this track is open to exceptional students with a confirmed academic excellence during their B.Sc. degree in Industrial Engineering and Management studies, and must be approved by the Research Studies Committee as being among the top 10% of students in their field. This program enables doctoral studies without prior registration for a Masters’ degree program. One can be accepted into this program only if it is contiguous with the completion of the Bachelors’ studies.   3. A combined M.Sc. and Ph.D. track. Registration to this track is open to students who are enrolled in the M.Sc. program in the department, have completed most of their courses with grades above 85, and are doing research for their M.Sc. thesis that is considered appropriate for expansion to a Ph.D. by their advisor. The request to move to the combined track must be submitted before the end of the fourth semester of studies in the M.Sc., after completing all courses for the M.Sc., and with the approval of the advisor.   After being accepted to the Ph.D. program, a candidate is admitted for a “trial period” of up to 12 months. At the end of the year, the student is required to submit her or his research proposal and to pass a candidacy exam. Having passed this exam successfully, the candidate’s status is changed to that of a “regular doctoral student”. After three additional years (four years in total) the student has to hand in his dissertation and present it in a seminar.


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