Information Systems


The Faculty of Organizational Sciences is a member of the University of Maribor and has a seat in Kranj. With more than 40 years of tradition in the field of education and scientific research - within the PEOPLE-PROCESSES-INFORMATION triad that forms the foundation of expert and managerial work in organizations - the Faculty has seen more than 15,000 of its students graduate. The Faculty of Organizational Sciences covers the theory and practice of organizing business and work systems, information systems, human resource and educational systems.

Bachelor Programs

The basic objective of the professional higher education study programme ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENT OF INFORMATION SYSTEMS is to train graduates, so that they will be able to prepare professional bases in organizations in numerous fields of information systems and ICT. A special emphasis of the programme lays on the engineering of information systems, accumulation of knowledge about methods, correct choice of methods for problem solving, use of analytical methods, exact search for solutions or rejection of inappropriate solutions, distinguishing of significance of elements and optimal usage of given resources. The development of information systems, their establishing and control over functioning, formulation of new solutions, etc., which are based on the creativity of the employees, are not limited only to enterprises, but are also becoming a domain of public services, such as public administration, educational institutions and consulting agencies.

A graduate masters analysis and solving of organizational-information problems in a business process of an organization. He is qualified for information systems management and for developing and introduction of proper software solutions.  

The professional higher education study programme Organization And Management Of Information Systems, comprises three years (6 semesters). Each year is evaluated with 60 ECTS credits, so, the whole programme comprises 180 ECTS credits.


Master Programs

The basic objective of the master's study programme ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENT OF INFORMATION SYSTEMS is to educate information systems professionals who have wide business knowledge and perspectives and a good understanding of the real world.

In addition, they must have good analytical skills as well as the ability of critical thinking. Therefore, the students must:

-       Be problem solvers and critical thinkers,

-       Apply system concepts in the understanding and definition of problems,

-       Be able to apply classical as well as new concepts and knowledge,

-       Understand that the system consists of people, processes, hardware, software and data.

They must show solid ethical principles and have the ability for good interpersonal communication and ability for team work.

The objective of master’s study is also to train a student so that he knows how to design and implement solutions with information technology, so that he improves the functioning of the organization. Therefore, a graduate must be able to:

-       Understand and model organizational processes and data, define and implement technical and process solutions, manage projects and integrate systems,

-       Master techniques for collecting, converting, transferring and saving data and information,

-       Apply information technology to aid individuals, groups and organizations in achieving their objectives.


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