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Zürich, Zürich, Switzerland
Information Systems


The Department of Informatics (Institut für Informatik, IfI) is the competence center for Informatics at the University of Zurich. 14 professors, 16 post-doctoral researchers, and more than 80 PhD students are teaching, studying, and performing first-class research. Our topics include:

  • People-oriented Computing
  • Computing and Economics
  • Big-Data Analysis

Information and communication technologies permeate data-driven economies and societies. Therefore, we dedicate a large part of our research efforts on human-centered informatics.

We are committed to our graduates by preparing them for a promising career: The results of our research are constantly being disseminated in our teaching. This allows us to offer up-to-date, sustainable study programs that meet the highest quality standards. About 550 students – 400 in the Bachelor programs, 150 in the Master programs – currently benefit from these efforts (as of fall semester 2017).

The Department of Informatics was founded in 1970 and is part of the Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics at the University of Zurich, the largest university in Switzerland and one of the leading research universities in Europe, offering the widest range of study courses in Switzerland.


Bachelor Programs

The Bachelor of Science in Informatics (with concentration in Information Systems) is a three-year program (180 ECTS credits). It is mainly taught in German.

The assessment level (60 ECTS credits) covers the basics of informatics, business and economics, mathematics, and statistics, while the general compulsory program at the advanced level focuses on key topics in informatics as well as teaching the basics of scientific methods. At the same time, students begin studying specific fields. The Information Systems area of concentration requires them to complete compulsory modules, core elective modules, and elective modules from the areas of information systems and business administration. The study program culminates in a Bachelor's thesis comprising 18 ECTS credits.

The degree awarded is a Bachelor of Science (University of Zurich) in Informatics with concentration in Information Systems.

Apart from Information Systems, the following four programs are available at the Bachelor level:

  • Software Systems
  • People-Oriented Computing
  • Computing and Economics
  • Informatics with Natural Sciences

Master Programs

This Master's study program in Information Systems broadens and deepens the knowledge acquired during your Bachelor's study program, with the aim of enabling you to play an active role in shaping the changes that the economy experiences through informatics. You will combine methods from the spheres of both informatics and management science, allowing you to take a holistic, comprehensive approach toward solving the problems that companies face. The program's emphasis is on the design and management of information systems and IT-based innovations.

You will also learn how to analyze non-standard problems yourself, how to use independent means of acquiring the knowledge you need to do this, and how to develop appropriate solutions. More concretely, you learn how to manage an IT-department, how to analyze and use business information efficiently and effectively, and how to develop and use informations systems in a business context. This specialization offers the traditional information systems link between between CS and business.

The Master of Science UZH in Informatik (corresponds to Master of Science UZH in Informatics) provides an advanced academic education in which you will work independently and, for the most part, design your course of study yourself. Master's programs do not only equip you with the tools you need to pursue a high-flying career at an academic level with outstanding prospects, but also enable you to move on to further studies with the goal of a doctorate in Informatics.

Master's programs provide an advanced academic education and allow students to complete independent academic and project-based work. 120 ECTS credits must be completed, consisting of a major study program (90 ECTS credits) and a minor study program (30 ECTS credits).

Apart from Information Systems, the following four programs are available at the Master level:

  • Software Systems
  • People-Oriented Computing
  • Computing and Economics
  • Data Science


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