Department of Information Management

Taoyuan, Taoyuan, Taiwan
Information Systems


Department Overview


The Department of Information Management was founded in 1993, offering bachelor and master’s degrees of Science in Information Management. Part-time master program was established in 1999, and the PhD program was founded in 2005. As information applications have become the key for today’s enterprises and organizations to keep their productivity and competitiveness, this department is determined to meet the demands of this society and its development. This department aims at nurturing the talents who are “familiar with information technology, enterprise natures, information system development and information applications.”


Department Features

 1.     Integrating information systems and technology applications with theories and practices to nurture professionals with IT and management expertise.

 2.     Attracting excellent students with various backgrounds (science, engineering, law and business) with multiple recruiting channels.

 3.     Providing diverse opportunities for internship to enable students to apply their IT techniques and management skills to the real world.

 4.     Combining the expertise of our faculty members to encourage research collaboration in information technology innovation and entrepreneurial management, business resources planning and electronic commerce, medical information management, digital content technology management and application, information strategic planning and technology management.

 5.     Setting up laboratories and asking department faculties in multiple disciplines to be instructors (business intelligence, management automation and organizational design, decision support system, computational intelligence and multimedia, advance information system management and application, web intelligence database, financial data mining, soft computing, and decision management) to enhance research capabilities.

Bachelor Programs


The undergraduate program is organized based on the core curricula in the fields of Quantitative Decision-Making, Information Management, Information Technology, and Business Administration. Students are required to undertake the “University Compulsory” and “General Education” courses (with a total of 33 credits), the Department’s compulsory courses (with a total of 80 credits, including 5 credits for the Internship/Independent Study), and the Department’s elective courses (with a total of 23 credits). This sums up to 136 credits in total for a bachelor graduation.


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