Department of Information Systems and Supply Chain Management

Greensboro, North Carolina, United States
Information Systems


Our mission is to integrate quality instruction in information systems and supply chain management at the undergraduate and graduate levels with relevant research and professional services. This integration will help students develop an appropriate background and the critical skills needed to function effectively and competitively in today’s global, technology-driven environment. We strive to fulfill this mission as an integral part of the Bryan School of Business and Economics and in support of its mission and purposes. Our chief goal is to provide top-tier information systems and supply chain management programs in North Carolina as assessed by employers of our graduates

Bachelor Programs

The BS in Information Systems and Supply Chain Management is a professional program of the Bryan School of Business and Economics. This program has provided information systems and supply chain management professionals for firms in the Triad, the state, and the nation for over thirty years.

Students completing the BS program in ISSCM pursue one of the two concentrations: Information Systems (IS) or Supply Chain Management (SCM). The two concentrations require a common set of core courses and courses unique to each concentration.

Master Programs

The MSITM program combines technological and managerial components to train graduates who can deal effectively with the variety and complexity of issues involved in applying information technology (IT) successfully within organizations. The curriculum provides state-of-the-art exposure to both IT and management practices. In addition to technology and business studies, all students will be required to demonstrate acceptable competence in communication and presentation skills, interpersonal skills, teamwork skills, and problem-solving capabilities.

The MSITM program is open to students with diverse undergraduate backgrounds. The length of the program varies based on the number of hours a student takes per semester. You will find a flexible and dynamic curriculum that facilitates students achieving their individual career objectives.

PhD Programs

The PhD in Information Systems (IS) at UNC Greensboro is an innovative, research-oriented doctoral program designed to prepare students primarily for careers as members of faculty in academic IS units and secondarily as professionals in non-academic research and professional organizations. The program focuses on developing traditional technical and empirical research skills and is also characterized by four distinctive elements that enhance the traditional model:

  • a commitment to practical relevance
  • an emphasis on producing quality teachers
  • a research apprenticeship requirement
  • interdisciplinary research

In addition, interested students can enhance their studies with an emphasis in global information technology.

Other Programs

The online certificate programs in the department of Information Systems and Supply Chain Management consist of a minimum of 12 semester hours but may not exceed 15 semester hours. Students who are not proficient in basic PC skills will be required to take ISM 600: Desktop Data Management Tools (1.5 credit hours) during their first semester in a certificate program.

Credits from the Graduate and Post-Graduate Certificate Programs may be combined with the Bryan MBA or transferred over to the Bryan MSITM. In order for credits to transfer, students must apply and be admitted to the MSITM program prior to completing all requirements for the certificate program.


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